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History of Scrammble

History of Scrabble

Scrammble Process - Fun & Challenge

Passport To Scrammble Land - A Game Book

How To Play Scrammble Word

Scrammble Poker & Texas Holdem

Scrammble Majong

Scrammble Board: Teach Aliens Scrammble - English Words

Scrammble Bingo

Scrammble Puzzle

Scrammble War  

Scrammble Solitaire 

Scrammble Players' Feedback

Comparison: Scrammble Vs Scrabble

Public Events Related to Scrammble
Scrammble Tournament & Scrammble Game Show

Marblewits Games Invented by Dr. Chang

Sudoku Myth and Comparison with Marblewits

Noodle War Games Invented by Dr. Chang 

Sudoku Myth and Comparison with Noodle War Games

Power Dice Games Invented by Dr. Chang 

Magic Number Games - Battle of the Warriors {99} vs {100}

Sudoku Myth and Comparison with Magic Number Games

Other Headutainment Games by Dr. Chang

Price List of Scrammble and Headutainment Games

Order Passport To Scrammble Land (Book)

Order Scrammble Games online

Order Just Scrammble Cards ($10 special)

Order Scrammble Games & Passport to Scrammble Land

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Order Noodle War Games Online

Order Power Dice Games Online After Dec. 1, 2007

Order Headutainment Game Box

Order Magic Hundred Online 

Order Web Cryptogramer Online

Order Cryptogramer Kit Online

Order Cryptogramer Stamp Set online

Tips for Selecting Games

Game Industry  Toyfair 2006 Fall Toy Convention

2007 ToyFair 2008 ToyFair

Game Shows/Events Photo Gallery of NY Toy Fair & Photo Gallery of WTHRA 

How to Join GIFTED for Effective Marketing & Sales

Online Games to Play 

Unique Cost-Effective Marketing Solution Using Games Basic Concept 

Business Partners/Investors

Company Information & Contacts

The MWS Online Magic OSMart on A Fast Track - A Mi-Card Example 
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Articles and Essays by Ifay Chang

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Scrammble Tournament  

David's Reportt on NY Toy Fair (07) (08)  (09)

Welcome to Scrammble Games
Home of Novel Word Games and Math Games
Health, Education & Entertainment

(Scrammble Games Are the First Original Headutainment Games)

The Lego Movie Story
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Scrammble Game TV Show &
Scrammble Tournament Info  send inquiry to 
See Past Winter Scrammble Tournament Schedule, Prize & Rules Here
Scrammble Video on YouTube
See David's NY TOY FAIR Reports
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This game web site introduces the Headutainment Games (TM). Games that stimulate brain health, induce education/learning and provide entertainment. The Headutainment Games including Scrammble Games are created by game inventor, Dr. Ifay Chang. Use the site index to browse:
(1) Scrammble Games 쯳pan> TV Scrammble Games Show & Scrammble Tournament
(2) Comparison of Scrabble and Scrammble  How games excite children, not making them bored
(3) Public Events Related to Scrammble, Tips for Selecting Games, and game industry news
(4) Play Scrammble Puzzle  Play online educational games  Play SIS Puzzles
(5) The Exciting Scrammble Tournament - Challenges and Prizes and TV Broadcast Schedule
(6) Unique Marketing for Business Using Scrammble Games as a unique persistent marketing tool -  (See examples and a special web site, GIFTED-CD, based on  the collective and persistent marketing solution concept using Mi-Card
(7) The Best Teacher's Appreciation Gift - Pick Any of the Headutainment Games on the Menu

Watch or Play
Scrammble Game Show
on TV
If you don't use it, you lose it!

Join or Watch
Scrammble Workshop
and Tournament


Brand New Scrammble Games (Photo)

A game set for every home and classroom 

Best Gift for Family and Children

 Classic  Dr. Chang's Book on Scrammble Games - over 20 Games Illustrated (First Limited Edition)

A word game book for families, teachers and game enthusiasts

See Price List for Special Offers Education Discount $10 plus $1 Shipping

Exciting Headutainment Games (TM) 鮴roduced at CHITAG

Scrammble Games and Marblewits Games (TM) ﳰan>, part of  Headutainment Games,

were introduced at the 2nd International Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Numerous children and parents played these games and loved them. Medical World Search was encouraged to commit production and offer these games to the public. The results are fantastic! New games are introduced each year! 

Click the Site Index for Game Description, Price List and Order Information

 click here to get an enlarged view of the Headutainment Game Box  

The Headutainment Game Box $5.50 + Shipping

Often games do not come with a strong and durable box for safe keeping and easy storage. The Headutainment Game Box is a strong Vinyl box with safety locks, a treasure box for kids.

Games and components can be stored nicely and securely in the box (10.5x8x3.18 in) to keep away from infants and small children. By popular demand, the box with or without printing labels can be ordered separately by writing to for volume discount, a special offer for use as children game or lunch box. Click To Order.

  Scrammble Games (TM) ﳰan> $19.95+ Shipping

The original Scrammble Games consists of 136 Scrammble cards for Scrammble Word, Poker and Majong as well as for Scrammble Board with a full color alien game board, a die and a set of gem stones, all stored in the Headutainment Game Box with instructions. The new design consists of 144 full color cards with eight instruction cards. The new cards support Scrammble Word, Poker, Majong, Board, Bingo, War, Puzzles and Solitaire Games. Combined with the book, Passport to Scrammble Land, is available at a special Combo price. (See price list)

Magic Number Games (TM) ﳰan> Primrose Special $8.00

The Battle of Warriors {99} vs {100} is a board game of wits, math and chance. It consists of a Magic Number Game Board with territories colored to form patches of 99 and 100, 60 pawns of three colors and two giant ten-sided number dice. You throw dice to multiply and occupy patches, bump your enemies when you can. First occupies enough territories claims a kingdom and is the winner. A number of games can be played from simple to challenge across all ages. A New Year introduction (See Price List)  

Marblewits Games (TM) ﳰan> Primrose Special $8.00

Consists of a Marblewits Game Board with four game patterns and four sets of assorted color gem marbles required for playing the four Marblewits games, all stored in the Headutainment Game Box with instructions. For Holiday Fairs, Marblewits Game is available without the Headutainment Game Box at a special price. (See Price List)  

Noodle War Games (TM) ﳰan> Special $8.00

Consists of a set of 25 large multi-color dice which can be played in at least 25 logic and strategy games. It is intended for children and adults or cross-generation players. It is fun to play and challenging to players' brains hence called 'Noodle War'. (See Price List)  

Power Dice Games (TM) ﳰan> Special $8.00

Consists of a set of 10-Faced  large Color Dice and Math Function Dice. The games designed in 7 levels can be played by elementary students to adults or cross-generation. These strategy games with math drill built in can enhance your brain power hence called 'Power Dice Games". Specially introduced for Holiday Happiness. (See Price List)


Scrammble Games and marblewits games are available online only  (Contact to become a volunteer promoter of Scrammble Games). (See photos of game and toy shows, Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 and Gallery 4).


The Scrammble Games have been demonstrated at several Westchester Libraries under the Children's Creative Games Workshop (Flyer Example) and offered as after school program at several public schools. These workshops are developing into an annual tournament and a TV game show where children, parents, teachers and celebrity advocating education are invited to play the various Scrammble Games for fun and challenge. Both the tournament and TV appearance are enjoyable experience. Visit the tournament and game show web site at for more info. Scrammble Tic-Tact-Toe and Scrammble Go-Fish games are excellent for developing Scrabble Game skills for kids to win National School Scrabble. Schools are encouraged to form Scrammble-Scrabble Clubs or after-school activities to develop these life-long learning skills for school children. You may contact Dr. Wordman who will volunteer to work with the school to launch your program. (

For more details on Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Puzzle, Scrammble Solitiare and Scrammble Board (TM intended), click the appropriate item in the site index. For ordering this fun game, click the order buttons on the side bar! New ways of playing Scrammble are continuously being invented. Ask for updates.

Unique Opportunity for Effective & Persistent Business Marketing

Companies may request for a special logo and marketing designed Scrammble Card Set for promoting company products and services. Retailers and wholesalers may request volume discount. The game book, 'Passport to Scrammble Land', describes 20+ Games. Additional Scrammble Games will be posted on this web site in the future.

For Other Games Created by Dr. Chang, Magic Hundred Games and Cryptogramer Games, please click here.  Play a demo Cryptogramer 

Scrammble Games - Patent Pending

Scrammble Games are continuously created with new ways to play (with the same classic game set!) You now can play Scrammble Crossword, Scrammble Master Mind, Etc. Email for instructions if you have purchased the Scrammble Game Set.


Archived Files on Scrammble 
(A Fun Game for Brain Stimulation and Healthy Life) 

Click here to see a slide show of how human brain works

The more you use it the healthier it stays

(Click here for simple illustration and more information)

(Click Here to See Enlarged Cards and Photos of Game in Action)

(Click to See An Exemplary Design for Business Marketing; Sponsor's Logo May Be Added)

(Scrammble Board Added - Teach Aliens Scrammble Poster - A Simple Board)

(Click Here to See Enlarged Alien Characters 쯢>

Scrammble Board Game - Teach Aliens Scrammble - English Words All Copyright Protected ﳰan>


Would you like to adopt a pet Alien? Send an email in to give them your favorite names


Retailers and Volume Purchasers May Place volume Order on Any New Edition of Scrammble Games ( or Other Games

If you would like to contact the Scrammble game inventor, please email the inventor or call


All documents made publicly available on this server are Copyright ⰰ2 onward by Medical World Search. Other materials from other web sites Either owned by MWSearch or IPO2U.COM, additional copyright restrictions apply. Click to call Scrammble (1-914-2486770)  to speak to a staff at MWSearch - The Intelligent Medical Search Engine - Global 800 Service Provided by IPO2U.COM


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